The Oilers and the Playoffs and Me

Very few people seem to care about hockey on the West Coast. It’s not like at home where hockey is a lifestyle, woven in to the Edmonton identity alongside cold weather and seasonal road construction. In Edmonton, you see people wearing hockey jerseys year round. I’ve seen people transporting hockey gear on public transit and I … Continue reading The Oilers and the Playoffs and Me

house hunting

I’m in Victoria this weekend with my mum searching for a place to live (thanks mum!), and I am already blown away by the city that’s going to be my new home. Everything is so lush here. And everybody is so nice. And the university is so big (that last one I’m a bit anxious about, but I’m working through it). The campus is … Continue reading house hunting

summer reading list

So, last summer I had the pleasure of working for LitFest: Edmonton’s Nonfiction Festival and it was actually the best job ever. Not only did I get to work with an amazing woman (the executive director has next-level organizational skills, is one of the smartest women I’ve had the pleasure of breathing the same air … Continue reading summer reading list

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicide is a sin. That’s what I learned in Sunday School. Sitting on a floral patterned couch that looked like it belonged in a church basement, along with 6 other kids–teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17–we talked about the Bible. We’d pass around copies of the good book and we’d go ’round the room … Continue reading Suicidal Thoughts

February 14.

Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday. What’s my biggest beef with this heart-shaped day? The anti-valentine’s-single-girl trope. The whole Valentine’s night-in (or out), with wine, The Notebook, ice-cream, crying, and/or casual sex (not necessarily in that order).  And I get it. I’ve played this role–I’ve been this girl. It’s trendy right now to be a sad, sarcastic, … Continue reading February 14.

Look Ma, I’m a real writer! 

A few months ago I landed my first official freelance gig: churning out service articles for everybody’s favourite phonebook. And it has been awesome. I feel fortunate to work with a great editor, who loves me (and by me, I mean, my words because we haven’t had the chance to meet in person–yet) and it’s been cool to see the … Continue reading Look Ma, I’m a real writer!