the best places to work in Victoria, BC during a global pandemic

Are you a writer or other creative in search of a place to lay your laptop in these uncertain times? Are you tired of working from your dining room table? Do you need to get out of your house and drink a latte before you go bananas?

Then this list is for you.

I’ve taken it upon myself to do the legwork (literally, I’ve put the miles on to the sound of 25,000+ steps in the last two days) and track down where exactly you can get some work done in this town. Here’s my list of places where it’s safe and socially acceptable to get some writing done in this new world.

Union Pacific Coffee537 Herald St.
This place has always been a cool spot and now it’s even cooler. Slinging JJ Bean coffee and other hot drinks alongside sandwiches, quiche, and tasty baked treats, grab a java and stay a while. An added bonus: I spotted local celebrity Jimbo the drag clown on my last visit.

QV Cafe & Bakery – 1701 Government St.
In the heart of Victoria’s Chinatown, this frequently slept-on coffee shop serves diner food, baked goods, and really good lattes (among other caffeinated bevvies). The baristas are super friendly and there is ample seating (even during these uncertain times) inside and on the patio.

Habit – 552 Pandora Ave.
A downtown staple, this minimalist cafe has always been a crowd-pleaser when it comes to places to write, study, read, or just hang. Their Pandora location is now open for sit-inside service and there is also a small (but mighty) patio with laptop-ready shaded tables.

Whistle Buoy – Market Square, Lower Courtyard
For students, writers, readers, et al. in the 19+ demographic, this cool, casual brewery is a primo spot to pair a couple of pints with some productivity. Outside, you’ll find a good-sized patio. Inside, large tables and ample seating–made for study dates.

Yates Coffee Bar – 733 Yates St.
Sure, I’ve never been here before, but I’ve heard great things. If you’re in the market for a vegan milkshake and a shady spot to get some work done, look no further than this cozy coffee bar. I walked by here about a week ago and spotted people hard at work–what more could you need?

This list is far from comprehensive and is very downtown-centric! Do you know of a spot in town that’s perfect for professional nomads to get down to business? Let me know!

Stay safe! Stay healthy! And support local.

Full disclosure: this list is subject to change. This list has also not been sponsored (but it could be!).

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