NYE 2016

I love New Year’s. I know that a year is a socially constructed segment of time (based, of course, on scientific research on the Earth and such) and I know that you can make change at any point in time (socially constructed or not) but there has always been an air of magic around NYE.

It’s the culmination, the anticipation, of a whole year of stuff being wiped clean. A fresh start–the illusion that you can leave a whole year behind and start anew is kind of empowering (even if it isn’t exactly factually true).

My best friend and I used to take this moment in time to reflect on the low points of the year past. It was a kinda funny, kinda self-deprecating, mostly self-destructive way of looking back on how we’d grown… and ways to continue to grow in years to come. It was like reverse resolutions–planning what we wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) do based on what we’d already done (although, Julia’s reverse rez’s were always products of the universe; I was always better at shooting myself in the foot than she ever could be). Anyway, we don’t do that anymore and even though I desperately miss her (especially this time of year) I can’t say I miss the wallow-fest this practice enabled (mostly for me).

I’m taking today and tonight to reflect on what 2016 meant for me. I had some ups (getting in to grad school, moving to Victoria, etc.) and some downs (the whole  relationship thing was kind of a bust) but this year  wasn’t really so bad, overall. It reminds me of all the things I want in life. And let’s me know that I’ll have to hustle to get them. 

So, here’s to 2017—the year of the hustle. Happy New Years to all (and to all a good night). 

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